We are committed to providing the best on and off ice experience for our skaters and their families.
We have a simple philosophy that drives our club.
            Players and their families make a large commitment 
            when joining a youth hockey travel team.
            The club should show the same commitment
            to you, your player, and his team.

How do we show that commitment? What does it mean for your Midget?
            Skilled, dedicated, and enthusiastic coaches and instruction
            Your Midget team has experienced, independent (non-parent) Head and Assistant Coaches. 
            More ice, more clinics, and more training
            Your Midget will have Spring practices and games, late summer clinics, practices before the season starts,
            and November skates to prepare for HS. 
            We respect your family's and student-athlete's time
            Most of our teams practice after school, your student-athlete will be home for dinner and homework. 
            If we have evening practices they will start no later than 8:45p.
            You will have your player's entire schedule in June.

How do we offer these features for your skater?

We are a volunteer organization with low administrative costs.  This means more of your tuition dollars go to things that make a difference to your child - ice time and coaching.

We are focused on one mandate.  Our focus is your child's Midget team and his development.  We do nothing else out of Rock Ice other than Midget AA hockey.  We do not expend resources or become distracted administering other hockey programs that aren't central to your child's team and his development.

Quality, not quantity.  We measure our success on each child's individual experience.  We do not measure our success on how many teams we skate nor how many skaters are enrolled in our program.

We have an excellent relationship with our home rink.  As an anchor tenant we enjoy a great long term relationship with Rock Ice Center and have a multi-year ice commitment.  Decisions on ice are made with your child's team in mind, not other considerations.