The Penguins have operated under current ownership since 2011.  

Our teams in Dunellen have brought home some serious hardware in that short span.  Impressive, especially for a club our size.  

For the statisticians, over nine seasons we have sent teams to League and District playoffs 26 times, brought home the Championship eight times, and sent our Midgets to the USA Hockey National Championships.

Congratulations to all our teams on their success.

Congratulations to all our Penguins Playoff teams 2011-20!

Midget 18AA - NJYHL Playoffs
Midget 16A - NJYHL Playoffs

Midget 18AA - NJYHL Playoffs

Midget 16AA - AAHA District Playoffs - Champions!!!  USA HOCKEY NATIONALS!
Midget 16AA - NJYHL Playoffs - Champions!!!
Bantam Minor - AAHA District Playoffs
Bantam Minor - NJYHL Playoffs - Champions!!!
PeeWee Minor - AAHA District Playoffs
PeeWee Minor - NJYHL Playoffs

Midget 16AA - NJYHL Playoffs

Midget 18A - AAHA District Playoffs
Midget 18A - NJYHL Playoffs - 
Bantam AA - NJYHL Playoffs

Midget 16AA - NJYHL Playoffs
Bantam A - AAHA District Playoffs

Bantam A - NJYHL Playoffs - Champions!!!
Bantam B - NJYHL Playoffs

Midget 18A - AAHA District Playoffs
Midget 16A - NJYHL Playoffs - Champions!!!
PeeWee A - NJYHL Playoffs

Midget 18A - NJYHL Playoffs
Bantam AA - NJYHL Playoffs

Squirt AA - NJYHL Playoffs - Champions!!!
Girls 10U - GAL Playoffs - Champions!!!

PeeWee A - AAHA District Playoffs
PeeWee B - NJYHL Playoffs