As tryouts for the 2011/12 season approach there are some important changes in playing format that may affect your child’s levels next year.
The changes arise from implementation of the American Development Model (ADM) by USA Hockey.  It is applicable to Mites and Squirts in all travel clubs in NJ.
Although the rules apply to all clubs individual programs may be tailored differently.
I note major points of the ADM below.  The ADM documents are available under the 'Documents' tab. 
Mite ADM.  For the 2011/12 season Mites will skate 20 half ice games and 40 practices during their season.  Outside of their season these rules do not apply.  Exceptions are made for 2003 birth years to play as Squirts.  One goal of Mite ADM is to move younger players to small area games to enhance their enjoyment and development.
  • The Penguins will run a ‘Penguins ADM’ program for 2005, 2004, and less experienced 2003 skaters.  It will be comprised of two practice days during the week.  One day each weekend we will have a ‘playaround’ where we invite other teams for a mini-tournament where the children will play a number of short (15 min) cross ice games against each other.  The other weekend day will be left free for house hockey or other activities.  
Squirt ADM.  For the 2011/12 season Squirts may skate up to 30 full ice games and attend up to four tournaments during their season.  Outside of their season these rules do not apply. Squirts will also maintain a 3:1 practice to game ratio.  Travel teams in NJ have two options for players born in 2003 to play as Squirts.  The first is to form an all 2003 birth year team and play that team in a ‘Squirt’ division dedicated only to 2003 birth years.  The second option is to roster a qualified 2003 birth year player on a regular Squirt team.
  • The Penguins will offer roster slots on our regular Squirt teams to qualified 2003 birth year players.  We believe this option is better for the exceptional 2003 birth year player as it allows him to play at his actual performance level – B, A, or AA – rather than in a division restricted to 2003 birth years only.  The Penguins will have three Squirt teams during 2011/12.

For any questions regarding ADM please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank You.

Karl J. Schmidt
Jersey Penguins