We are committed to growing the sport of hockey and growing our club beginning with our youngest skaters.

Unfortunately, many good athletes and great kids forgo or leave our sport.  The reasons vary but frequently include cost. 

We have decided to do our part to make hockey more affordable by setting our Mite tuitions at $1,785.

We will offer this level of tuition without sacrificing the quality of the program.

The team will have excellent instruction including John Mendes as Mite Coach and Coordinator and the active attention of our Coaching Director, Jeff Gorman..

We will play a full season from September to March, practice twice a week, and attend at least two tournaments.

The Atlantic District of USA Hockey governs the starting time and maximum number of games any Mite team may play.  We will have as many practices and games as allowed.

Our Mite Major team will be comprised of our most experienced 2002 and 2003 birth year children.

Space is limited on this team.