Jersey Penguins Midget Hockey

NJYHL Short Season, 2019-20


The Penguins historically produce excellent results with Midget teams.  Each year we have sent at least one Midget team to the NJYHL playoffs and we have won Midget playoffs three times in the past six years.

When we recently began skating teams in our second rink we decided to keep Midget teams at Rock Ice, in Dunellen.  We thought we could help them do well. We did, and they did. They won the League, the District, and went to USA Hockey Nationals.

For the 2019-20 season we plan to skate this Midget 18AA team out of Rock Ice in Dunellen.

There are openings on this team for several U18 players due to graduating seniors. For more information please go here.

We want to replicate our success with this team during the upcoming season.  We seek skilled, serious players committed to playing high level hockey together and looking to be challenged. 


What do we offer? 


Foremost, we understand not just hockey but the off-ice considerations of our players.  As HS student-athletes they have a variety of issues that youth players do not. They face Fall HS Varsity sports, substantial homework, AP courses, college applications, standardized tests, and HS hockey commitments.  As young adults, and players who have been in the game for at least a decade, they are experienced enough to know what they seek from a coach and what they want from teammates and their locker room.

Our program addresses these considerations. Our teams practice at reasonable times, mostly after school.  Your player will be home for dinner. In the event we practice in a later slot we assure you that it will start no later than 8:45p.  We provide our players with seasoned and independent (non-parent) coaches they respect, and the coaches respect them. These coaches have deep experience specifically with players of this age. We select players who are committed to the sport and want to be challenged to succeed.  In addition to being good players, they are good teammates and good families. To have a solid team on the ice, one has to have a solid team off the ice. 


What else differentiates us?

So we have better qualified independent coaches and good ice times.  What else do we offer?


We train and provide the ice to be successful.  Our teams are on the ice during the Spring for clinics and practices. They will take late June and July off and then get back on the ice in August for pre-season clinics and practices. During the Spring or August they will also have a few games. The pre-season schedule will respect their Spring HS sport calendars. In total, your player will have at least 15 hours on the ice before playing a League game. Needless to say all practices are full ice on a regulation sheet. The above is all included in tuition.    

We have always taken a longer term view of player development. We strive to build teams that stay and grow together.  Do we want our teams to bring banners home for the wall? Of course we do and, competitively, during the season that will be the goal. Equally important though we want our players to attain goals that will help them excel in their National Bound years, 16AA and 18AA, and to fulfill their HS hockey objectives.

We are focused exclusively on these three Midget teams and won't be distracted.  Penguins coaches and administrators at Rock Ice are focused only on these teams.  We are dedicated exclusively to just these three teams and their success.  We are not running Youth teams, Mites, Tier I, Juniors, Womens hockey or other events at Rock Ice. You will not find another group of hockey professionals focused so clearly on one mandate - your child and his team. No other club can make that claim. 

We are empowered to deliver exactly what is best for your player. Your team's coach and manager work directly with the club owner. There is no Board, Committee, Operations Director, Level Director or other bureaucracy in between to say 'no'.  Need more ice pre-season? We take it. Coach wants a game to see what the boys look like before League games start? We schedule it. There are no competing schedules or priorities, and no excuses. If your player's team needs something, we do it.


We want players with hockey as a primary sport, a high level of commitment on and off the ice to getting better, and a supportive locker room environment - good players and good families.



This information is for the Midget team we will skate in 2019-20 out of Rock Ice in Dunellen. 

This team will not have any practice or game ice in Howell.